Wednesday, May 9, 2012

End of Tire Puncture

The world's largest tire and rubber company Bridgestone recently developed a new tire, so that there will be no air in the tire and no puncture fear.

The Bridgestone’s new tire was shown at the Tokyo Auto Show in Japan. Although still in experimental stage, Bridgestone authorities have claimed success in creating new tire.

Thermoplastic resin spoke has been used for this tire which will move with rims to tire and will turn left to right easily. So Bridgestone authority expects that the age of flat tire is over. The engineers of Bridgestone said they will take more experiment on this new technology before marketing.

It’s said, the tire will be made of such materials that is very able to recycle.

Note that, air free tire concept was first negotiated at 2006. Another of the famous tire manufacturers’ Michelin was awarded Intermet gold medals for the ‘Airless Tweel Tire ' in 2006.

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