Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BMW Made Carbon Fiber Car

The famous German motor cars manufacturer BMW has made a new motor car model using carbon fiber.BMW had to work on many stages to create this car which is stronger than the steel. "Carbon fiber technology will fundamentally change the motor cars industry, becoming increasingly important in the quest for lighter-weight materials to reduce fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions," the company says in a statement.

BMW has made colorless fiber jointly with Mitsubishi rayon of Japan. In a 200 meter-long plant of Moses Lake, United States the fiber are pulled in reels and burnt at a temperature of 1,400 Celsius (2,550 Fahrenheit). Then carbon atoms were separated from it and the fiber got black color and unique strength. The remaining stuffs are all about filaments having width of one-tenth of a human hair. A bundle of 50,000 of them can lift almost a ton of weight. Then the threads were woven into mat in Wakersdorf in southern Germany.
To create three-dimensional body the mats are cut into layered, put under a vacuum in resin and cured at about 100 Celsius (212 Fahrenheit) which is harder than steel for 50% of the weight. Then the new model BMW is assembled in BMW's Leipzig plant.
But BMW authority didn’t clear when the most desired Carbon Fiber Car would be marketed.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Future Toyota Motor Cars

Japanese motor cars manufacturer Toyota has recently created a motor car that actually a mixture of Smartphone, game machine, and the car. The authority has shown the design of the car names 'Toyota Fun 7' in The Tokyo Motor Show 2011 . Even in the car, you can change the color of real time.

The car has 3 seats of it’s 13 feet length. A blank slate Has been used as interior and exterior design. The driver will be able to change the color of the car according to the environment in real time. Wireless technology of smart phone applications will be used to change the color the car and it’ll be changed by holographic motor cars technology.

In addition, this Toyota car will have the 'navigation concierge ' a woman of holographic technology who will assist the driver to drive or to communicate with others.

End of Tire Puncture

The world's largest tire and rubber company Bridgestone recently developed a new tire, so that there will be no air in the tire and no puncture fear.

The Bridgestone’s new tire was shown at the Tokyo Auto Show in Japan. Although still in experimental stage, Bridgestone authorities have claimed success in creating new tire.

Thermoplastic resin spoke has been used for this tire which will move with rims to tire and will turn left to right easily. So Bridgestone authority expects that the age of flat tire is over. The engineers of Bridgestone said they will take more experiment on this new technology before marketing.

It’s said, the tire will be made of such materials that is very able to recycle.

Note that, air free tire concept was first negotiated at 2006. Another of the famous tire manufacturers’ Michelin was awarded Intermet gold medals for the ‘Airless Tweel Tire ' in 2006.
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